Exam Questions Out of Order in Review After Retaking, Exiting the Module, and Relaunching

May 11, 2021

Some learners are having an issue whereby the quiz questions in review are not in the same order as the questions taken in the exam. Attached is a video that shows this (note the question number in the bottom right of the screen). 

I've determined that if the learner takes the quiz once, exits and reviews the course, the questions are still in the appropriate order.  This issue begins happening when they retake the exam, close the course, relaunch and then review their answers.  The questions/answers become out of order.  If they retake the exam, and then immediately review their answers (before exiting), the questions/answers stay in appropriate order.  It only occurs when they exit, relaunch, and then review.  Any ideas?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Stefanie,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that video! It clearly lines out how the course sometimes shuffles the questions during review only after the course is resumed from the LMS.

Have you tried testing this in a different LMS environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to see if you get different results? Our support engineers can help with this and determine if this is bug-related. Feel free to share your .story file with them here.

In the meantime, have you considered using a built-in results slide to force the learner to retake the quiz after viewing their score within the course? It seems like a rare scenario in directing the learner to leave the course, view their score, and have them re-launch again. Though, I understand if this may be specific to your LMS.

Stefanie Gettemans

Hello, actually my director has been going back and forth with another staff member on this.  We did test directly in SCORM Cloud and were able to replicate the issue.  Only on the second (and on) time taking the course.  The learner does have the opportunity to retake the exam on the results slide, and I'm assuming many do.  This is a rare phenomena but frustrating nonetheless.  Because of our LMS, we have to show the learner's score after they exit the module, so this would be why they may be leaving and then returning.  

Lauren Connelly

Hello Stefanie!

I appreciate you returning with those details! It's helpful to know that you still see this behavior in SCORM cloud. As Ren suggested, it would be helpful to have our Support Engineers take a look at your project to determine what exactly is getting in the way. From there, they can recommend the best course of action. You can upload your project privately in a support case.