Exclude pages from "project.progress" - var

Hi everyone,
I use the "project.progress" variable in Storyline 360/html5-Output to show the progress of the learner, which works really fine.
However, I have a custom build glossary page, which is not part of the linear learning path and should not be counted in the progress.
The problem is: If the learner does not visit the glossary page, the progress will not reach 100%.

Is it possible to exclude some pages from the (overall) project.progress?
Or - second approach - is it possible to mark the glossary page as visited for project.progress, even if this is not the case?

Thanks very much for input,

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Tom Eichhorn

Update: I implemented a workaround:
Now I use a custom var (e.g. %myprogress%) for progress and progress-bar.

I set %myprogress% = %project.progress% on every change of project.progress but with one exeption: In addition on the last page i set: if %project.progress% > 95 set %myprogress% = 100.

That works fine and also solves another problem: If I use %project.progress%, I can not style the font of the percentage character. But with the text-field "Progress %myprogress%%" I get the percentage character to be displayed in bold.