Exit Button is Not Working

Hi all

I have a Doubt with Exit Course Trigger, whether I use a custom button with the exit course trigger it is working on Chrome, IE Browsers but it is not working on Firefox Browser. I have tried with different methods still it not working on Firefox. Is that a Browser Problem?

If Anyone Know please suggest me. Thank you.


Siva G

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Hayley Banks

I'm having this problem as well today - it was working fine yesterday, but have tried in IE and Chrome and the window just freezes when clicking 'Exit now', and no progress is saved...


UPDATE: Turns out my issue wasn't a problem with the Exit button - it's a problem with Articulate's database meaning results aren't saving:

"We've identified an issue with our database that is preventing course results from being saved. We are working to rollback the database change that caused this. During this time, you will be unable to view content."

 Sorry for hijacking your post Siva!

Russ Sawchuk

While doing some revisions to a recent SL3 course, I notice this same problem. The EXIT button works fine in IE Explorer, Edge, Safari and Chrome, but NOT in Firefox.

Launching in a new window as suggested in the article does NOT fix the problem in Firefox. Only 6% of our users access our site using Firefox, so it is not a critical problem. But, still it would be nice to have a fix for it.

Any recent developments or news about this issue and how to resolve it?


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Angela and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into a similar issue.

Can you share the format that you are publishing your course with? We have seen an issue with Storyline 360 when viewing the Flash output and I'm curious if that's what you are experiencing as well.

Crystal Horn

A quick update: the latest version of Storyline 360 shows the Exit Course trigger working in each supported browser as long as your course is launched in a new window. Here's more information about the Exit Course trigger. Have a look at implementing the launch in a new window feature, and let me know if you are still having issues with the Exit Course trigger!

Teresa Vanderpost

I am having the same issue,  I have courses that get uploaded for students to an external website as they don't have access to the LMS.  I assumed the Exit menu worked, but I saw this thread and realized none of mine work.  I tried Chrome and Firefox.  We use Chrome in our office....and the exit doesn't do anything, and I have it launching in a new window, but it doesn't actually launch in a new window, it opens in the same tab where they clicked the link to the course... I attached the file.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello FCS (and welcome to E-Learning Heroes) and Amy,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you are running into this issue as well.

Do you have your course set to launch in a new window as this document suggests?

That typically corrects the issue and allows you to exit the course as expected.

Let me know what you find.