Exporting Articulate 360 Menu into excel?

Mar 08, 2018

Is there anyway to export the Menu into excel without having to type it up for a client?

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Thanks for your reply. A client wanted the menu to discuss with the team to check they were happy with the names of the slides, the way in which they were subtitled and the order. So I typed them up but it would have been handy to just export them.

Many thanks


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Pete Lewis

I'd love that functionality too! I have clients who are keen to get a slide title list to display depth of scope to their stakeholders. When all you need is slide titles, as they are in the menu, exporting the entire presentation to Word is a rough process - especially because I've got scenes that were added out of numerical order! 

eLearning Developer

There is no way to do it in SL even though lots of people have asked for this feature.

The best way I have found to do this is to go back to your storyboard.


1. Highlight the slide name column in the storyboard,

2. open excel and highlight like 50 rows (or however many slides - guess over to be safe) in the first column.

3. Paste

4. Since your storyboard may have some stuff highlighted and crossed out, that transfers over- remove those slides as needed in excel

5. Open SL menu to double check everything.


Hope this helps!

Valesa Clouse

Has this feature been added? I have business owners who want to review and edit a current menu. Having to type up every name is a royal pain and it adds to the problem when errors are made. It would also be a great help to be able to export the links from the Resources tab for the check each year if the sites have changed.