Exporting short-answer question responses

Sep 26, 2022

I use Storyline in conjunction with our university's LSM, D2L Brightspace. I know how to set it up so that multiple-choice quizzes completed inside Storyline sync to the Brighspace grade book, but I'm wondering about open-ended type questions, like short answer. If a student answers a short-answer question in Storyline, does it get recorded somewhere? If so, where? And can I export it somehow for grading? Thanks!

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TILT Technology Integrated Learning Team

Thanks, Joe! My question now is where does it send the responses? Do I need to specify where it goes somehow when I upload it to the LMS?

I tried it out with just one essay question and nothing seemed to happen. Are there any detailed instructions available on how to do this on the Articulate help pages? I can't seem to find any.

Joe Tansengco

Hi Amber, 

If you're willing to share your sample file here or through a support case, I'll be glad to test it in our LMS so we can see why your survey responses are not getting recorded. 

For building quizzes that get recorded in an LMS, you can check out this detailed article, which also includes some examples that you can follow: 

Rebecca Harrington


If you are still out there any chance you could tell me how you are setting up the publishing? I've tried a bazillion combinations and cannot get a signal back to Brightspace after the scorm completes (i've tried grades, slides viewed and course completion trigger). 

TILT Technology Integrated Learning Team

Hi Rebecca! I ended up scraping this because the functionality really didn't work for me. I eventually found the responses but they were hidden so far deep in Brightspace and weren't very useful for grading purposes. Hopefully Eric (below) can help you out.

Jennifer Wagner

Hi Rebecca, here's how I got text entry questions to work in D2L/Brightspace:

Use Slides -> Survey Question to add your questions, and then Slides -> Results -> Survey Result Slide. Make sure all question slides are checked/included. Then go to Publish -> LMS -> Reporting & Tracking -> Tracking -> Track using quiz result and select the Results Slide you set up.

In D2L/Brightspace, go to a module and add the SCORM package under Upload / Create and New SCORM/xAPI Object. Click Bulk Upload and upload the zip file. (If using the New Content Experience instead, use Add Existing and SCORM/xAPI Object)

After students have finished entering their responses, go to Content -> Table of Contents -> Related Tools -> View Reports (OR click the gear icon on the left and choose View Reports if using the New Content Experience) and click on SCORM Reports. Then click on the title of the Storyline activity.

You will have to click on each student's name and then Interactions in order to see what they typed in (Learner Response column). You can export this page as a CSV file using Export Report. It does not seem possible to export one CSV file containing all of the students' responses though.