Extendable menu can only be extended once

I have created a course template in Storyline 360 that includes a small menu of icons that expands to full width when the user hovers over it or clicks it. This part works perfectly.

However, the menu can only be extended once per slide. If I try hovering/clicking over the menu after it has shrunk back up to its initial size, nothing happens. I can use the Next or Previous buttons to advance or regress a slide, and then the hover/click works.

Since the menu resides on a template, rather than on an individual slide, how do I configure the template layout to reset the menu back to its original state, rather than considering the menu "visited"? See sample project uploaded here.

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Walt Hamilton

Put a trigger on the Extended-Menu layer of the Master slide.  Pause timeline on this layer when timeline reaches 2 seconds. Otherwise, when the timeline ends, the menu will collapse when the timeline ends, no matter what action the learner has taken, or not taken.

Then set that layer to Reset to initial state on revisit. The choice has been left to the system, and it has been choosing to return to saved state. The saved state is the end of the timeline, so the objects don't animate in.

On any slide that you plan to return to, if you want the menu to be collapsed when you return, you will need to set that specific slide to return to initial state when revisited.