Failure to import from PowerPoint 365

Apr 25, 2020

I have tried several time to import a PowerPoint Presentation to SL360 and each time received a failure notice. I looked at possible causes and one told me to ensure I had the latest PPT updates installed. I checked the Office update site and found some that were not installed and installed them. I retired the PPT import function and again got a failure notice. I have NOT uninstalled my version 3 of SL so I opened that version and was able import the PPT with no issues. What is different in SL version 360 that would prevent me from importing the same PPT file?   

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Vincent Pincaro

Hi, CF --  Welcome to E-Learning Heroes Community! I hope my response finds you well and safe. 

I am so sorry that you've been unsuccessful to import that PowerPoint Presentation to Storyline 360, even after you've done the following:

  • MS Office updated to the latest version (Powerpoint included)
  • Tested importing using Storyline 3 (still available in the computer) and it had no issues

Please bear with me for asking these Technical Probing questions to help me get a better grip of your situation and have us get to the bottom of the issue, as fast as we can:

  • As you've cited, there's "failure notice" each time you import. Is it okay that you provide us with a screenshot of that error message? you can post it with your response by clicking "Add Attachment"  
  • Is Storyline 360 unable to import all PowerPoint presentations? or is it only happening for a specific file?
  • Were you successfully importing PowerPoint files before? I mean if the issue is only happening now or recently. If yes, were there things that happened before the issue started (example: you've updated the application to the latest version before noticing the behavior).

I am looking forward to get your feedback soon. :)

You've cited that importing the file had no issues when using Storyline 3. It should not be expected behavior and I am here to help you fix the issue. Your Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 should both import successfully even with their differences specified here. One prominent distinction is that your Storyline 360 comes with continuous feature updates.  

In the meantime, you may also attempt the following that can help resolve the issue:

Keep me posted! Thank you.