Feature to add multiple captions file in video

Dec 09, 2021

Can we have a feature to add multiple captions file to a video in Storyline 360. and also like in Rise can we have a audio speed control option in storyline player. This features is pending for long.

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Eric Santos

Hello Kris, and thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry that the absence of multiple languages for closed captions is a deal breaker for you.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Storyline as we are careful to apply new features to make sure it won't affect existing ones. We also cannot give a timeline for this because of factors like complexity, breadth, and engineering's current workload. But rest assured that we'll update this post once it is available, and you will be among the first to know!

Kristin Clark

I completely understand. I seen a couple of posts regarding it on here and that this request itself is almost two years old. It would be extremely beneficial for anyone that is creating training courses in multiple languages to be able to provide CC's in different languages/ voiceovers so that they are not having to create the same video over and over. Providing the end user the option to select their required language. Hopefully this will be something that you would consider and we may be able to revisit down the line. Right now though, it's not solving our issue. Other than that the product itself is great!!