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Hi all,

I've a couple of questions on Feedback Masters that I get frustrated over.

Firstly, is it possible to change the default feedback master used? the grey box thing isn't very inspiring, and I have built and discovered others that I prefer. But, to use them, I have to go into every quiz slide and change the layout three times. I read today that I can select ctrl A and may be able to do them all in one shot, but still it's three changes I have to make. I'd rather just set the feedback master I prefer as the default.

Also, when I adjust a feedback master, in this case it's the serenity one, I remove the title box that says correct or incorrect, and it's lost from the feedback master, but still shows on the slide. Any ideas what's going on?

Thanks all. :-)

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Paul.  What you see on your feedback layers comes from two places:  your feedback slide masters, and the text entered in Form View.  When you have text in Form View, it will always show on your feedback layers without any edits.  Here's how to make sure your custom feedback design is working to your needs:

  • Create a custom feedback layout that includes placeholder text boxes.  Placeholder text boxes are different than regular text boxes because they leave room for what's entered in Form View.
  • If you aren't using any other feedback masters, feel free to delete the others so that your custom master will be the only one in use.  This is best to do before adding questions since your layers will default to whichever master is first listed.  And you can't delete a master if any slide is using it.
  • Change the default feedback text in Form View by editing the player text labels.  This field pulls from the player text labels, including Correct/Incorrect Feedback Title, That is incorrect, and You are correct

Try these tips, and let me know if that makes it more efficient!

Paul Williams

Thanks Crystal, I'll see if I can do anything with your suggestions. Deleting other masters isn't simple if you have slides using it though... there's no indication of which slides, so you have to go through each layer of each slide to try to find out.. I gave up. Nor can you change the order of the feedback masters, so that any slides you build take the layout you want. 

I've looked at the Form View too, which will, as you suggest, allow me to change the text 'That's right ' etc, but NOT the 'Correct' 'Incorrect' 'Try again' titles, as they are in a greyed out column to the left of this text, so I can't do anything about them... which means, I assume, that no matter what designs I tweak, I will always get that additional box? I don't think I can do much about the project I'm working on at present, I'll just have to suck it up and do it manually. Next time though, I'll see if I can build feedback layers before I start writing questions. 

Hopefully, I'll then be able to import questions which won't muck up the order of the masters, if they bring their own masters in with them... I will have to test it I think. 

Thanks :-)

gary moulton

I realize this thread is 3 years old but I would like to know if I can my custom-built feedback master to all of my question slides after they have been built and if so how?  I know how to apply the layout to an individual layer in the question slide but this is far too time-consuming.


Many thanks in advance for any responses.

John Morgan
Hi, Gary!
It sounds like you are looking for a simpler solution to changing your custom built feedback masters. As far as I’m aware, there are two way to change them:
  1. Go to the question and choose a different feedback master. Or;
  2. Edit the current feedback master used to match the custom one. Copy/Paste elements. That way you only have to do it once since that master is already applied. 

Here is a link to an article on Using Feedback Masters for future reference.

Thanks for reaching out!