File Size causing save issues

Oct 31, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am currently having a problem saving my work. I was getting a message about system memory being too low to save and would close all other applications and save fine.

Now I get the message 'Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt'. Again closing everything else and then saving works. Although storyline crashes straight afterwards.

I have replaced my RAM (well work did) but I am also wondering about the file size of Storyline projects. I have noticed file size can fluctuate and have read other posts here on it but didn't see an answer as to why this is. I am saving locally but can see a jump of about 20MB without actually making a change to the file.

Recently I wanted to keep some work I did in a training module as a template for future modules. The training module ended up saving at 89,000kb after I deleted all unecessary bits and unused recordings. I then saved the file under a new name and deleted all but the one scene I wanted as a template and it saved as 115,000kb. I can't imagine how this is possible as it is only a fraction of the original file.

I have also noticed that Storyline can use seemingly disproportionate amount of system memory (maybe causing my save problem) my 89,000kb file size project was running at over 700,000kb in system memory at one stage and is now at 362,000kb - at idle as I am obviously not currently telling it to do anything. These numbers, even at idle seem high.

Can anyone explain to me why the save file size of Storyline files can be so random?

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Tom Dorsey

i have used a program called ntcore that converts the 32 bit exe to allow it to take advantage of 4 gigs of ram.  i am sure this is in no way support by articulate by it has worked amazing.  before the program always crashed when it hit 900 mb ram.  i have had it hit as high as 1.8 gigs usage without crashing (yet).

keep in mind, this will only work if you have x64 windows.


James Brandwood

Thanks Tom and Peter,

@ Peter - from what you are saying it sounds like the file isn't really 115,000kb it just thinks it is. I am looking forward to update 2 and have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed hoping it gives more control of the player buttons.

Peter do you think that this update where it will show the true file size will help with how resource hungry Storyline gets? I frequently make training that is around 900mb in size and the increasing amount of crashing as the file gets bigger is problematic.

In the meantime I will periodically publish projects, which with the unused screens captures deleted will hopefully keep them under 900mb for longer. 

@ Tom - I thought Storyline, unlike Studio could be put on a 64bit machine? I was considering putting it on my home computer which is 64 bit so I guess when I do I will need the software you mentioned.

Unfortunately I enquired about a new work laptop (64 bit) but apparently our network settings make that not an option. 

Tom Dorsey

James Brandwood said:


@ Tom - I thought Storyline, unlike Studio could be put on a 64bit machine? I was considering putting it on my home computer which is 64 bit so I guess when I do I will need the software you mentioned.

Unfortunately I enquired about a new work laptop (64 bit) but apparently our network settings make that not an option. 

Storyline works perfect on a 64 bit machine as is, it just doesnt take advantage of it.  The ntcore patch allows a program to come closer to taking advantage of 64 bit by allowing the app to run with a higher memory limit.


Helen Jones

Thank you all and to James for the link to this forum.  I'm just starting to get the memory and crashing issues as my files get larger.  I was importing several audio files, slide by slide and got the memory message, even though I had no other programs of any kind running.  I slowed down and that seemed to help too.  I took your advise James and published my projects and will do so more frequently.  Glad I'm not alone and hope this Update 2 helps. 

@ Peter Anderson - this Update 2 will download to all us users (free) when available to help resolve this? 

@ Tom and Graham - I am not real computer strong...I just follow this link and it will "happen" or do I need some skills?!!  Thanks.

Graham Fox

I don't have the issue yet, so I haven't tried it. Read the directions and weigh if it's worth the risk of screwing up storyline. Do you trust the site and the program creator? Worst case, you reinstall right? I don't think skills other than the ability to read directions and follow them are necessary.

James Brandwood

Update 2 seems to fix the issue where if you delete content from a storyline file and then save it again the file size does not decrease.

I have just tested it and I am now finding that the file size will be smaller when you delete things.

I've also noticed that the file I mention in my original post which was using about 362000k (which I have added about 10mb in size to since that original post) is using 462000k. So Storyline still seems to be a bit of a RAM hog. 

Cheri Kelln

Hi all - my first post to the community, but it's been fabulously helpful for months now. So, thanks for that!

On this original topic, w/ the "Articulate Storyline has stopped working" error: Is anybody still getting this error after Update 2?

It seems that I'm getting it fairly randomly, usually after going from PS6 to Storyline (and right after saving) and vice versa. It might be a given, but it definitely seems to me that having too many programs going at once can definitely affecting Storyline, especially messing with the timeline, voiceover, etc. 

Thanks in advance...hopefully I didn't miss the answer somewhere!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cheri. Welcome to the community!

It is pretty common to see some issues arise when you use both PS and Storyline at the same time. That may be what's going on here. However, we are receiving a few reports of this error still occurring for some Storyline users that have updated the software with the latest release. Would you mind going ahead and submitting a support case with us, so we can take a closer look at what's going on? We'd just like to see if it's something related to running both programs, or if it's related to the other reports we've seen. Also, please share your case number with me (you're welcome to do so by responding to this forum post, or by sending me a private message), so I can get the issue escalated. 


Ted Nguyen

Hello.  I hate to bring this up too.  I have 32 gigs of rams with a brand new laptop with the highest spec video card for video and graphic development.  I keep getting the memory issues with the latest updates for SL360.  Please note the only application I normally have open are Outlook, PPT, and SL360.  Please fix this if it is this bug.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Ted,

Sorry to hear about the behavior you encountered. 

We're currently tracking a known bug that causes Storyline 360 to run into memory issues when running on a machine that uses Intel Iris Xe graphics (Intel 11th Gen Core series processors or later). If you have this hardware installed on your computer, please reach out to our support team here for additional support. Through a support case, we'll be able to confirm if you are indeed affected by the bug, as well as tag your support case so we can notify you directly as soon as a fix is released. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Sapphire,

Sorry to hear that you ran into a similar behavior. The issue discussed in this thread was fixed in the September 20, 2022 release of Storyline 360 so there's a possibility that you may be encountering something else. I'd like to ask a few questions to clarify your experience: 

If you're already working locally and using the latest version, try repairing your Storyline 360 installation to fix the issue.

Let me know how it goes!