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Hi all,

So, used to use Captivate for all my software courses, but I am giving it a go in Storyline. Does anybody know a quick way to draw a highlight box around an object and fill/shade the outer area so as to highlight just the area within the box? Easy to do in Captivate by choosing "fill outer area", haven't seen the same functionality in Storyline.

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Michael Hinze

Rich, there is no (easy) way to replicate the Captivate FillOuter function. Here is a screenr that shows one way to make portions of the screen stand out: However, it does require a lot more work.

Mike, see below a sample of a Captivate highlight box that draws attention to an area on the screen by filling everything BUT the highlighted area (in my example, I set the outer fill to a semitransparent, light grey).

Brett Rockwood

Another way, but still not very elegant, is to insert a "Frame" shape and fill it with black at 50% opacity. You need to then move the little yellow point to adjust the thickness of the fame. You'll also need to adjust the size of the frame so it is covering the entire slide. By manipulating the size of the frame (you may need to make it much larger than the slide) and the position of the yellow adjustment marker you can get it to work.