Flickering when hovering between buttons placed on a layer

As you're not able to add additional buttons to the player, I've created a template slide which has a layer appear with 4 navigation buttons on it when you hover the mouse over the bottom right of the screen.

But when you hover between the buttons on the layer you can see flashing. It looks like the base layer shows between the buttons. Does anyone know how I can fix this so you don't see the flickering?

I've added the file below.

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Nancy Woinoski

I think you are getting that flickering because you have the trigger on the rectangular hotspot set to restore on mouse leave. When the user moves the mouse off the hotspot it is in effect hiding the layer. If you want the flicker to go away try deselecting the "restore on mouse leave option"

Nancy Woinoski

Yes, the best way to do this would be to set the timeline on the layer to 5 seconds and then set the properties for the layer to hide slide layer when the timeline finishes.

If you want to create a nice effect you could add an exit animation to the black rectangle and buttons on the layer.