Focus issue in Data Field

May 25, 2023

Hi all -

I am using a data input text box to pass a variable onto a second data input box on a second, graded form slide. 

The ideas is that when the second slide plays, it shows the previously input text rather than the default 'enter your text here', and can then be submitted.

The problem I'm having is that the slide won't submit until the user clicks in the data field first. I've tried playing with the focus order but no joy.  

An old forum post here seems to suggest this is an issue that should have been fixed -

(From the thread below:)

Controlling focus on text entry boxes - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes

Any tips much appreciated!

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Eric Santos

Hi Lee,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm happy to help troubleshoot this snag with you! To understand the problem better, I created a Storyline project based on your description.

I was able to submit the second question slide without the need to click the text entry object first. Here's a peek into my tests:

Text entry test

Kindly review the attached project file and let me know if what I did is similar to your course. We'd be happy to investigate further if the issue persists.

Please feel free to share your Storyline file to this discussion or privately in a support case so we can look at your setup. We'll delete it when we're done testing!