Force learner to watch entire Youtube video

Apr 13, 2021

I know, I know...nevertheless, this is what my content expert wants.  Does anyone have a creative suggestion for forcing the learner to stay on the page for a nearly 2 hour embedded youtube video before they can advance the slide and complete the course?

I have it in mp4 format, but when I insert it that way and disable the next button until the media completes, it takes FOREVER to publish the course.

Using Storyline360 or Rise360

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Tom Kuhlmann

I'd step back a little...

The goal isn't to watch a video, right? The goal is to get something out of the video. Assuming there's no activity tied to knowing the content that lets them prove understanding, what are the key points one should glean?

I'd create some questions around the key points of the video and they wouldn't be able to advance through the course until they can meet that requirement. 

You can cut the video up into 5-10 minutes chunks and they'd only be able to advance after answering key questions to prove that they at least were exposed to the information.