Format dropdown menu in storyline matching quiz slide

Oct 26, 2021

Is there a way to format the dropdown menu that appears when you create a matching quiz slide in Storyline? i.e. Change the color/size of the button used to open the menu and the size of the field for dropdown option?

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Marianick Pichon

It's a pretty big file so I wanted to share only the slide that's problematic. Guess what? When I copy and paste it into a new project... it works. Of course. 

Not the first time that this happens with different features. I wonder what causes things to stop working.

That being said, I still don't have a choice for the longer sentences but to pick a smaller font size.. It's not ideal, even when it works as expected. Should this be a feature request?

Kim Myers

Maria - if the dropdown matching question is non-graded, are the responses still captured? I'm trying to capture the demographics of employees (i.e. job role, region, business unit) - I don't see the matching option as a survey type (drop-down menu option) - so i'm using your above example as an option -but do i have to define any triggers / variables so that the answers are captured in reporting since there is no quiz?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kim.

The matching drop-down question might not work for what you're looking for since each choice will only give you one match (so, for example, if the choice is Job role, you will only have one option available. The other options will be the matches for region and business unit instead). 

Have you thought about using the short answer survey or the Which Word question?