Freeform shortcut key - How to use Tab

May 03, 2017

Hi all

We are creating a 'what am I' interaction where users read a description and need to choose the correct key on the keyboard. On one slide, the correct key is the tab key. However, when trying to choose the tab key as the correct key in form view, it is not registering and just moving to the next point (like tab would normally do!) Could anyone help with a way around this please. 

Many thanks 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Chris!

The Tab key functions as an accessibility feature for screen readers. You can turn off that functionality in the Size and Position window, but the tab key will still cycle through objects on the slide from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner. Could you use another key instead of Tab?

Tell me more about what's going on with Alt + F. Are you using this keystroke in Storyline Preview or after publishing?

We've found that Storyline doesn't detect the Pause Break key. What function are you trying to perform with that key? There might be another keyboard shortcut I can recommend. 

Chris Want

Hi Alyssa 

We are creating an interaction relating to a system which uses keys such as pause break, tab, alt &F7 and F10. We are showing a description on screen and the user is to hit the correct key on the keyboard for the description. I am considering some alternatives to offer, but the sponsor is keen to use this interaction. 

Many thanks 


Stephanie Harnett

Hey Matthew. Would you happen to know of any way to prevent the browser from executing keys that are pressed in a Storyline published project? Ctrl+W for example will close the browser window. Is there a way to trap that keypress and prevent the browser from interpreting it and executing it? Thanks for any insight you might have on this. 

Stephanie Harnett

Thanks Matthew! I gave that a quick try using the code plus the line of code for the story_html5.html file. It didn't work for the Ctrl+W key in Chrome, Brave, FireFox as it closed the browser window when pressed. Looks like I'll need to dig a little deeper to see if I can trap that key combo.

Sam L

Hi Matthew,

As I was testing, I noticed if a user were to exit the course during the on-screen demo that uses this javascript and select resume where left off, the javascript no longer seems to work and the user gets stuck on a slide. It works fine if you go all the way through and don't stop to exit. Does it lose connection with the javascript on resume?