grabbing the score from the LMS for an averaged quiz

Hi all -

We use javascript to grab the score from the LMS to print a Certificate for the learner - the standard methodology most everyone (probably) uses. We have used the same code / functionality for years with no problem.

For the first time, however, we are using a Final Results slide to calculate results from multiple quiz Results slides in the module. We made no changes to the javascript - simply changed the final Results slide to average several other results slides.

The setup works as expected as far as reporting to the LMS - the final score is properly reflected in the LMS. However, when our javascript grabs the score from the LMS for the certificate, the score comes back null.

This code, which normally returns the score, returns null. The value of certScore is null.

var certScore = lmsAPI.GetScore();
player.SetVar("certScore", certScore);

Is there something I'm missing about the stored score when using a final results slide that averages other results slides?



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