Grade Reporting to Canvas for Multiple Attempts

Hello all!

I have a simulation that was recently created. Nothing too fancy, but it has a quiz at the end and allows students to retry it for a better score. However, I have a student that is reporting that she is getting a better grade but it is only reporting the lower grade. I believe her, as the quiz isn't that hard really (more of just a comprehension check). I am wondering if anyone knows why the LMS SCORM file for the object isn't reporting the recent attempt?

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Joseph Francis

Your Quiz Results slide is sending the score to the LMS when the timeline starts.

Submit results 1.5 QUIZ RESULTS
   When the timeline starts on this slide

If the submitted score is sufficient to pass, the LMS is working as expected, by posting the passing score. All the SUBMIT button is doing is sending a "Completed/Passed" to the LMS.

Complete course as Completed/Passed
   When the user clicks Submit Button

Technically, this may be redundant if a passing score was set in the LMS when the course was imported (depending on the LMS), as its own internal functionality would determine Pass or Incomplete based on the submitted score.

Stephen Scheib

I see. So what would be the solution to report the retry score? So far it is only reporting the first attempt but I have it set so they can try. Would I need to remove the trigger for submitting the results when the timeline starts and sticking to just the submit button? 

Interestingly enough I have a separate simulation in a different course. It has the same settings on the results slide but this has never been an issue and I know I’ve had students retry the simulation and the new score is reported. 

Joseph Francis

If the learner is going to re-take the assessment using the Retry button, I would attach the "Submit results" trigger to the Submit button. Then, the learner's score won't be inadvertently sent to the LMS until Submit is clicked.

If the learner is going to want to re-take the assessment by re-launching it from the LMS, that gets a little more complex. While it is do-able, it involves adjusting the course completion settings on the LMS, and using JavaScript to retrieve the current score on the LMS, compare it to the newly-achieved score, and then return the higher of the two to the LMS.