GSAP 3.5.1 ( latest version ) is now included in Storyline 360

A few months ago i discovered Storyline uses the GSAP Tweening library for all its animation features. Any animation you make in Storyline somehow is triggered by GSAP under the hood of Storyline. Then i noticed that Articulate still was using TweenLite a very old and limited version of GSAP... back from 2014 :-)

Well today i discovered Storyline updated the GSAP libraries and from this day on you can animate your objects with GSAP javascript code.

For example:
Give any object in your Storyline the 'accessibility name' of "myName"
Then add a trigger to call this Javascript:

var myElement = document.querySelectorAll("[data-acc-text='myName']");, {duration: 2,scaleX:2,autoAlpha:0.5, x: "+=500"});
Your Element will move and fade and scale over the x-axis.

Really great news Articulate acted and updated GSAP.
I will check whats possible with the built-in GSAP code and what not and show that here...

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