Help re tracking: The definitive settings to ensure completion?

Sep 18, 2017

Hi everyone

I currently use Articulate Storyline 360, hosting SCORM packages on Moodle 3.2.3.  We've been experiencing occasional issues with the SCORM packages not tracking, which I'm curious as to whether this is a technical issue, user issue or an unfortunate by-product of using SCORM in Moodle (as I've seen a lot of complaints about tracking being an issue between the two).

However, in the interests of making sure we're doing everything we can to get it right, I just wanted to ask the experts opinions on what settings we should be using on both Storyline and Moodle to ensure as near 100% completion as possible in our situation.

Our format is that each "course" contains 3xSCORM packages.  The first SCORM module contains an a number slides, including an MP4 video, followed by multiple choice questions.  The second SCORM module contains similar content and the third SCORM module contains a number of slides, which sometimes will be drag and drop, other times hot spots, etc - depending upon the topic.

We only have a need to show that users have "completed" the training, rather than getting a specific score, so if a user gets a question wrong we typically make them redo the question or we explain where they have gone wrong.  So the ability to track this overall completion is key here, not the scoring (although I guess it would be useful to still be able to see which questions were causing frustration for users, etc - in case any are too difficult?).

Please can someone assist with their recommendations as to the best settings for Storyline 360 and Moodle to achieve as near 100% completion as possible and help us stop getting issues with users being unable to complete courses?  I'd be eternally grateful!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ed! I'll leave the Moodle recommendations in the hands of our community members, but I can lend a hand with the Storyline settings!

Since you want to track overall completion and not quiz score, try this:

  • Reporting: Completed/Incomplete is the best option. This will mark learners complete if they view all slides, or mark them as Incomplete if they leave the course before viewing all slides. They can always come back later to complete the course.

    You could also use Completed/Failed if you prefer to give the learner a failing score if they leave the course before viewing all slides.
  • Tracking: Track using number of slides viewed is your best bet. You would use "Track using quiz result" if you wanted to give learners a passing or failing score based on the quiz questions.

    Note: You did mention it would be useful to still be able to see which questions were causing frustration for users. To do this, you would need to track using quiz result. The quiz results slide sends quiz data to your LMS

I hope that helps clear things up. Let me know if you have other questions!

Deirdre Wyer

Hi Ed,

Definitely - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where the trouble lies for us really is that we have moved away from having lots of activities set up within Moodle to now having everything within a story project as SCORM on the LMS instead.

So where Ops used to be able to report on each activity, it is now proving very complicated to track student progress.

Through working with Articulate support, I have managed to add several short answer survey questions to report interactions to the LMS but am now struggling with the reporting on Moodle.

Would be great to hear how you have approached it Ed!



Paula Thrall

I see this thread is old, but am new to Storyline (trialing Articulate 360 now). Our LMS is moodle based and I'm wondering if I will encounter the same problems if we move our company's mandatory training to SCORM, rather than the moodle-based course with H5P questions.

If anyone is still here, can you let me know how it is going?