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Trevor White-Miller

We have just switched to html5 output only and dropped flash as everyone in the organisation has IE11 and the html5 of Storyline 3 is so much better than SL2. Then we started hitting problems like the wipe animations no longer worked in IE and mobile (mask animation not supported). This has fixed that problem. I'm sure I'll find some more issues but at least this is one less. Cheers David.


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Elena and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

This was posted a while back, but hopefully David is still subscribed here.

You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

Feel free to share what you have worked on so far as well via your .story file and someone may be able to pop in and help you out as well :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michele!

The scroll panel will only have a scroll bar on the right side if the object inside of the panel is larger than the panel itself. 

Try increasing the size of the scroll panel area so that it is larger than the objects inside of it, and the scroll bar on the right side should disappear.