Hidden NEXT button at start of a slide.

Hi all. 

I have a series of 7 slides where I trigger the NEXT button to hidden when the 'timeline starts on this slide'. The learner then clicks on 6 options to show layers and when clicked, the option changes state to 'visited'.

It is quite possible that the learner will have to move back and forth (NEXT and PREVIOUS) between these 7 slides.

A trigger is set so when all options on the page are 'visited' the NEXT button changes state to normal and the learner can move on. It all works fine unless the learner clicks on 'PREVIOUS' then revisits the slide.

If 'When revisiting' is set to 'resume saved state' the NEXT button is is still hidden (as per the trigger) and the learner has to click through all the options again but this time the NEXT button does not change state to normal when all options are 'visited'.

If 'When revisiting' is 'Set to initial state' the user still has to click on all the options (which they have previously seen) to make the NEXT button normal.

So, my question - Is there a way to make objects (e.g. the NEXT button)  HIDDEN at the start of a slide, then change state to NORMAL and retain NORMAL when revisiting the slide?  


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