Hide "Correct" dialog box when reviewing a quiz

Jul 19, 2021

When a user reviews a quiz, all the correct answers include a "Correct" dialog box that often obscures the user's response to the question.

The incorrect responses don't include the "Incorrect" dialog box.

Is there a way to hide the "Correct" dialog box so the user can see the whole quiz slide (including their response).

I've looked all around the discussions and the web, and I can't find a way to hide this box.



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Brad,

It sounds like you're seeing the Correct layer during a review. If that is the case, then I suggest you report that directly to Articulate. You can do that here: 


FYI: The Correct and Incorrect layers should only show when a question is set to provide immediate feedback. They shouldn't show during the Review Quiz process. 

When reviewing a quiz, the default is that no layer shows. However, if you add post-quiz feedback, Storyline puts that on a Review layer, and displays that layer during a review.

Side note: You can also tell the program to indicate which answers are correct during a review. That's optional. The program will also display a green "CORRECT" or red "INCORRECT" banner across the bottom of the slide during a review. Those can't be turned off. But you can hide them by putting an object in that area on the Review layer.