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I have read in previous discussions how to hide the "next button" until the user interacts with the slide, by changing state to hidden when timeline starts. That's great! Thanks for sharing that trick.

However, then I face the problem of not being able to see the next button if I return to that slide later on, even if I have it set to "resume to saved state".

I tried adding the condition of hide next button when timeline starts only if certain button is not visited, which seems to work. But it does not work with a marker when I set the trigger. Let me attach a couple slides so that you can easier understand.

Many thanks in advance! 

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Andrea Titus

Hi all-

I am assisting someone on their project and they want their next button hidden until 4 areas of the slide have been completed.

I rendered the button hidden until the state of those 4 areas are visited.  It works when I preview just the slide, however, it does not work when I view the entire project.

Another teammate attempted to use variable for the 4 areas to make the next button display when all variables changed to true.  The slide does go to other areas of the presentation but we have it marked to resume it's previous state.


Any thoughts?

Andrea Titus

They are going to other slides- I would be happy to share- do you want a zip or a link.

Also- it's weird that it works in the preview of the single slide but not in the whole project.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the additional details. 

I would recommend an additional trigger that changes the Next button to Normal when the timeline starts on the slide AND the state/variables of 1,2 3, and 4 are visited/true.

If you still need us to take a look, the .story project file would be best. Just point us to the slide you're working on.

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Andrea Titus

I have all those triggers with exception of when the timeline starts as I have the next button hidden when the timeline starts.

How would you like me to send the file?

Thank you-

Andrea Titus
Senior Training & Development Specialist
Deposit Services
First Republic Bank

160 Federal Street | Boston, MA 02110
Office: (617)478 - 3047 | Email: atitus@firstrepublic.com

Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrea

so the triggers would be 

Change of next button to hidden/disabled when timeline starts on slide.

Change state of next button to normal when timeline starts on condition Var1=True and Var2=True and Var3=True and Var4=True.

Are you checking that the four variables are changing to True? Also, remember trigger order is important.

Lauren Bergman


I am trying to change the state of the next button in a few instances on my slides in my story but encountering issues.

Issue 1: I want the next button to be disabled until a certain object enters the screen. But when they re-visit, it goes back to "hidden". How do I fix this even after I set to "Resume Saved State"

Issue 2: I want the next button to be disabled until the user clicks on buttons - which takes them to a layer. When they return, I want the next button to show. Do I need to create a trigger on each layer or just the main slide? Do i need to create a variable as well?


Thanks in advance!


Jordan Best

For Issue 1, you could create a variable that adjusts the state of the Next button when the timeline starts... e.g. if the variable is True, change the State of the Next button to Normal when the timeline starts.

For Issue 2, there are a few ways to accomplish this depending on how the slide is set up. If learners have to click buttons on the Base Layer to activate the Slide Layers, you could create a Visited State for each of the Base Layer buttons, then a trigger on the base layer to change the State of the Next button to Normal when they are all visited.

Alternatively, you could do as you mentioned and adjust a variable on each layer, and then that variable reaches a certain value, change the state of the Next button to Normal.