Hide or Show Seekbar in slide

Apr 06, 2016

I've read several posts on this topic, but none have answered the question. Is there a way (using javascript) to hide the seekbar or show the seekbar using a javascript trigger?

i.e. make a button that hides it, and another button to show it...both in the same slide.

Please add code if you have it - soooo much appreciated!


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Onoda Sakamichi

Hi, Rachel.

To hide the seekbar on individual layers, insert a trigger to execute JavaScript and enter this single line of code:


You will need to enter the same code, but change .hide(); to .show(); on layers, including the base layer, where you want the seekbar to display.


Please note this works only with HTML5 output, not Flash.

Janil  Samson
Claudio Fayngolz

Now that the latest version of Storyline 360 doesn't support Jquery, what will be the best way to do this?

Hi Claudio,

I recently encountered this as well. I'm no expert in JavaScript but a workaround  that worked for me was defining the DIV ID  of the player controls as a variable to hide and show it. Here is what I used in the execute Java trigger:

To hide:

var x = document.getElementById("playback-controls");
{x.style.display = "none";


To show:

var x = document.getElementById("playback-controls");
{x.style.display = "block";


Again, this worked for me but I'm no Java expert so hopefully someone else in the community can give you a better solution.