Hover and Visited-States Trouble

Mar 24, 2023

Dear colleagues,


I'm bringing up a problem (again), which has been featured here a lot - but, alas, none of the discussions addressed my problem or helped solve it. What I want to do seems quite simple - I have a set of buttons on a main-slide (named "Typen_1 in the story below", and they have hover-states, and once they are clicked they should change to "visited" once the user returns. So far no problem. The problem is:

- the hover-states remain active once the user returns, which I want disabled...But I don't know how to do that..

- and then there's a strange glow around the button in the "visited" state, which I didn't add and which also doesn't appear in the format-tools, hence cannot be deleted...

I attached the story below and would be extremely grateful for help!

Thanks in advance, Verena

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Tom Kuhlmann

Visited states:

from what I can tell, the selected state has the glow and when that object is selected the glow appears. If you selected a different visited object, the glow disappears on the previous and appears on the selected. So that appears to be working as designed. If you don't want a glow, you need to alter the selected state.

Hover states:

The hover state is a built-in state that will become active when the user mouses over the object. However, as you note, the visited state becomes the hover state when the user mouses over. This is expected behavior.

You could remove the pre-built hover state and use a trigger instead: change state of object to [new name] when user mousesover the object. With that trigger you can add a condition to not change. For example, you could use a t/f variable that tracks if the button was clicked and then use that variable's value to determine if the mouseover trigger is active or not.

Tom Kuhlmann

Another issue I see is that inside your states, there are phantom triggers. These usually come from copying an object with a trigger and pasting into the state. That could cause some issues. For example, here's a recent video I recorded to help someone who was having issue with their buttons and did the same thing.

Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Hi Tom,

thanks for your quick and really helpful replies! I will try that out right away! So thank you in advance for solving the problem! And let me take this chance to thank you also for all the videos you created so far! I watched quite a lot of them and by doing so learned a lot from you already. And I always enjoy the straightfoward and very clear and helpful instructions you are giving! So, thanks for that, too!

Have a nice day, Verena

Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Ah, one thing that happened when I did as suggested with all buttons: I clicked one button and returned - and all buttons were set to visited. Which seems logical, since the trigger says too change the state of the buttons if the timeline starts on this slide and btnclicked = true. So I created variables for each button and then adjusted the triggers accordingly, which did the trick..