How do I reset the questions for subsequent attempts to pass test

Dec 05, 2012

I've created a question bank to test knowledge at the end of the learning.  If a learner fails their first attempt how do I reset the questions they are asked on their subsequent attempts?

I have put a trigger in place to take them from the (failed) results page back to the question bank (set to random questions) but it takes them back to the original questions with their previously selected answers displayed.



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Juanjo Haro

Hi,, i have the same issue but in HTMl5 only. I've got a button with "reset results" to retry the quizz and it works fine until i use a data bank (with random questions), no matter where i place the "reset results slide" it does not work...

That works when i'm not using a question bank

By placing the "reset state" in every slide, you can retry the test but you can't review the answer, they appear with the tick but not with the blue dot and you cannot advance cause you have to answer wich is imposible

Ana Lucia Barguil


I have the same problem you described here.

I have a question bank with 18 questions, and the test selects 10 randomly. 

When I click the "Retry quiz" button, the questions that appeared in the first time have already the answer. 

I changed the property "when revisiting" to "Reset to initial state" for each of 18 slides, but when I click the "Review quiz" button, it considers all the answers wrong. 

Can someone help me?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Apurva,

Could you share a bit more about how you've set up your course? If you're looking to reset the questions you could use the slide property of "reset to initial state" for each question slide so that on a revisit they could take it again. 

Also, if your users visit the results slide you can add in a "retry" button - the triggers on that will automatically reset the slide. 

Deborah Cassidy

Hi Ashley, 

We're getting a similar issue. We have a test bank but the business unit wanted all the questions so there's no random - just the same 23 questions. Anyway, we have "Set to Initial State" selected, We have "Allow to retake quiz" selected in the Results slide, and when the person fails and selects the Try Again button, it works. However, if they select previous to review any content in the course before trying the test again, it sets the questions to the initial state but won't allow submission of the questions, effectively negating a retry.  Any ideas?



Deborah Cassidy

Hi Wendy - no, that's how it was set initially and that left them all with the answers and you couldn't change or submit. We changed to "reset to initial" and now they clear if you go to review the course but you can't submit. Both ways, it will allow the retry from the try button. Neither way will allow retaking the test if you want to review the course content at all using the previous button.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Deborah

my understanding is once you have submitted a quiz question if you then use the previous button SL thinks you are in review and won't allow you to 'try the question' again so locks it down.  Can you use the 'submit all' functionality where they go through the quiz and don't submit until the end but are given an option of going back and making changes before the final 'submit' is actioned.  This will put Prev / Next buttons on your quiz slides as opposed to a submit button until they get to the last question.

Here is some info in case that is something that may work for you.

Carol Stirn

I know I am responding to an older post, but I think I found a workaround to the original question about resetting the question order in question banks when the user retries the quiz. I have a quiz with 3 question banks - all questions are set to be drawn randomly. I added a blank slide before the question banks and changed the slide properties to “Reset to initial state”. I set a trigger on the blank slide to go to the first question bank when the timeline starts. I then set a trigger on the Results slide to go to the blank slide when the user clicks on the “Retry Quiz” button. So basically what happens is when the user clicks on the Retry Quiz button, they are directed briefly to the blank white slide (very quick flash that you won’t even see unless you look for it), and then they are directed to the first question bank, and because of the reset trigger on the blank slide the question order changes. I tested this in SCORM Cloud and it works. 

Jennifer Paz

I found this thread because I was having the same exact issue with a Quiz (using a Random Quiz Draw) not resetting to the initial state (despite setting each slide to do that) when the user clicked Retry Quiz. I considered Carol's workaround right before giving in and contacting support instead. I figured it was probably something very simple that I was missing, and indeed it was. I wanted to save others from having to contact support for the same issue, so here was the solution in my case: I was missing a Trigger to Reset Results in the Failure layer (I didn't know I needed this). This Trigger needs to be attached to the Retry button in order for the results to completely reset. I'm attaching a screenshot of how the support engineer made my quiz reset perfectly. I might add that if this doesn't fix your problem, Articulate's support personnel are AMAZING and work at lightning speed (even though I said it wasn't urgent).

Dipu Viswam

Hello There,

I found an issue in quiz. I have 22 questions inside the question bank and everything works fine in 1st attempt. When I reattempt the assessment (if I couldn't pass it) it allows me to go to the next question without selecting any of the option/answers?

Can you help me with the solution?




Leslie McKerchie

Hello Dipu, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your question bank.

We'd be happy to help! Please share your project file privately with our support engineers to investigate what's happening with your permission. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Dipu Viswam

Hello there,

Due to compliance issue I cannot share the project files with you. But if you could understand the issue and provide me the solution then it will help me a lot.

Here it is:

I have set of 22 questions in question bank. In 1st attempt everything is working fine.

Like: Selecting Option/Answer, and then if I click the submit button without selecting options/answers, the default message (Please complete the question before clicking the submit button) is also appearing and result page (unfortunately you didn’t pass the assessment click retry button to re-attempt the assessment)


Here when I am re-attempting the assessment, its allowing me to go the next question (after clicking the submit button) without selecting an of the options/answers, and the default message is also not appearing (Please complete the question before clicking the submit button).



Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional information, Dipu.

It sounds like your quiz is in Review mode, and you have not enabled the user to retry the quiz.

Please add a retry button to your Result Slide:

Choose Result Slide Features

The link I shared above is to our support team, which is handled privately outside of the public forum, and an NDA can be signed if needed.