How does Submit Interaction Button Work?

Hi all,

Been searching this for the better part of an hour and while I can find a lot of information, I cannot find the answer to a simple question.  How is the submit interaction button used if not using a built-in storyline question slide?

I have three clickable images.  I have a variable set for each that changes value from 0 to 1, 2, or 3 depending on the image selected.  I can easily have a button show a 'Correct' or 'Incorrect' layer based on the value of the variable when the user clicks an 'Answer' button.  I know that I can also reference the variable value later if I didn't want to show a correct/incorrect layer until three questions later.  

What I don't know, is when would the Submit interaction option come into play and how would I use it.  At the moment, if I try to attach a trigger to my answer button for submit interaction, there are no interactions to assign to it.  What does that mean?

Thank  you in advance. 

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Judy Nollet

The "Submit interaction" trigger is reserved for graded, survey, and freeform question slides. Storyline has built-in functionality for handling those types of slides. By default, the "Submit interaction" trigger is added to the Submit button. But that trigger could be added to other objects as needed.  For example, you could use a built-in Next button or a custom button to submit the question interaction.

However, Storyline can only "submit" its own interactions: the ones on graded, survey, and freeform question slides. It can't see that you've programmed your own interaction.  So even if you add the Submit button to another type of slide, you won't be able to assign the "Submit interaction" trigger. 

I hope that clarifies it for you!