How to copy variables from one story file to another?

Jul 07, 2020


I have two SL 360 story files and both have unique named variables. I am trying to copy a slide from one story file to another but the variables are not copying. How can I get SL 360 to automatically copy variables from one story file to another? I know this is possible because I could get it to happen in one of my earlier projects. What am I doing wrong? I am adding both story files for your reference. Thanks in advance.

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Please be so kind to answer these follow-ups:

1) How is the behaviour when a slide that uses variables in triggers is copied from one .story to another .story?

2) Will the slide carry over it's variables?

3) Assuming both .story files have the same set of variables to begin with. What happens to the variable set if a slides that uses variables in triggers is copied over? Will Storyline understand to use the same-named pre-existing variable or create a new variable instance?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Lauren Connelly


I'm happy to help!

Courses that include variables and triggers based on the variables will be imported when importing that course into another course. Variables and triggers will stay intact. 

If you're importing a project that already has the same name as a variable in the project, then you'll see this message:

You can either merge the variables or rename the variables.

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

Laura Ingle

Is there a way to share variables between two separate storyline files? So if conditions are met to adjust variables in the first course, they can be referenced in the second course. I'd like to create some adaptive branching from one course to another. For example, an assessment that branches to a separate remedial course which shows information based on scores of the first. I know I can do this within a single storyline file, but was hoping to make a separate remedial course file. I hope this makes sense.