How to find my license number

Jun 26, 2017

Hi Guys,

IT is going to change my laptop. i'll have to download Storyline again and add the key number license. But I don't know my key number. How can I get it?

Thank you for your help

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Crystal Horn

Hello!  I just wanted to pop in and show you where in Storyline you could find your serial number, too!

If you still have it installed and activated on your original machine, you can use the Help tab to pull it up:

Bonus:  If you click on your serial number in that window, it will automatically copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting into an email or Notepad!

Ali Goulet

Hey Héloïse,

If Storyline is still installed and activated on your current computer, you can find the Serial Number by going to Help > About Articulate Storyline:

If you no longer have access to the old computer, reach out to us directly by emailing or calling 1-800-861-4880 ext 2 and we'll be happy to help track it down! 

Daniela Slater

Hi Alyssa,

I clicked on the link but there's no place for me to request the serial number.  When I open my application, it's telling me my free trial is expired but I purchased it so I can't get into the app to get the number from Help.  This happened a few years ago and I was able to get in contact I think by email and support was able to help me.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mike,

I see that you were able to contact our support team, and Amlan has reached out to you directly.

For anyone following along:

You can access the features of Articulate 360 with your Articulate ID (email address) by signing into your account at If you're unsure of the password, use the "Forgot Password" option to reset it.