How to force Storyline to open in a New Tab

Is there something I can edit in AICC output files to force an eLearning module to open in a new tab instead of the same tab?

My LMS is AICC conformant and we use Storyline 3 for most of our projects. Learners navigate to a My course dashboard and launch elearning modules from there. They are supposed to open in a new tab, and don't normally require editing any output files for this to happen.

However, we've had a persistent issue with some opening in the same tab, and it's causing issues and confusion for our Learners.

It appears that for all of the modules with the "Same Tab" issue they were built or started in Storyline 360, according to the index_lms.html file.  Most appear to have been started or built in S360 3.28.18944.0, or S360 3.55.25975.0.

Any insight appreciated.

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Joseph Francis

I'm looking at the AICC/CMI Guidelines for Interoperability AICC (version 4.0) and I don't see anything in there that would allow an Assignable Unit to decide if it is launched in the same frame, a new frame, or a new window. Having worked with several LMS', my experience has been this is determined at the Course Properties level on the LMS.

Jennifer Brown

Unfortunately there is no setting that would cause this to behave differently based on the product it was created in (note not last updated in, just created in).

It only happens for WBTs that were at least created in S360. It doesn't happen to anything built in Storyline 1, 2, 3, or Captivate work products. All settings the same as existing WBTs (there's a couple variations in settings but I've been over them with as fine-toothed a comb as humanly possible. If I swap content out for something that wasn't built in S360, the problem is not replicated.