How to make the 'Review Layer' not fade / dim all other layers?

May 21, 2018

Hi all,

I'm trying to design a course where all of the Storyline player features are disabled - including the Next / Prev buttons. This means I always include Next / Prev navigation buttons in the content as required.

This is challenging when reviewing a quiz - as this requires extra navigation (Next / Prev buttons) that the quiz would not usually have (usually it's just a submit button on each question.)

I followed this tutorial: to create a custom 'review' layer. I can then add my own navigation buttons to this layer. This functions well.

The challenge I've encountered is that when reviewing the quiz, the review layer applies a strong fade effect over the question slide underneath this, making it hard to read the question text. Is there a way to disable this fading effect?

Here is the base layer question slide:

Question Slide

And when viewing the 'Review' layer inside the editor, the fade effect is visible:

Fade effect in editor

Here's what it looks like when actually reviewing:

Fade effect when reviewing

Hoping there's just a simple option to disable this that I haven't found!

Thanks all.

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Ros Aspinall

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the warm welcome : )

Good news, I've found a solution. If I open the 'review' layer on the question slide, right click in the slide content, choose 'apply layout' and select 'blank', the faded white effect is removed.

Interestingly though, if I view the feedback master for the 'review feedback' slide, there isn't anything there that I would expect to be causing the faded white effect. (I was expecting a semi-transparent white rectangle covering the entire slide or something, but I can't see it!) I can't see it cascading from the parent master styles either, but perhaps I'm missing it.

I've attached the .story, can you see where it's coming from? In the version attached I have not fixed it as I describe above, so you can see what it looks like with the faded effect, seemingly coming from the master 'Review Feedback' styles.

Thanks very much for your help,