How to pass survey AND quiz results to Learnupon LMS

Aug 01, 2022

We currently build our courses in Rise and deliver these to our trainees by embedding an exported SCORM file in our LMS from Learnupon.  We track progress in the courses by scoring a Rise quiz, the results of which are automatically reported to Learnupon, and all this works well.

However, I would like to add a survey to the course in Rise and pass the results of that to Learnupon in addition to the quiz result. I have built a simple survey in Storyline 360 and put this into my Rise course as described here (, but the last step says to track the Storyline block containing the survey, not the Rise quiz that I currently use for a passing score. This suggests that you can pass either the quiz result or the survey result, but not both. Does anyone know if it is possible to pass the survey comment AND the results of the Rise quiz to the LMS?




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