How to track the time spent on a quiz

May 12, 2023

We  would like to host a small competition for our employees as part of the launch of a new product. As part of this, they do a few quizzes and the faster you answer, and more correct you are in your quiz answers, the higher you are on the scoreboard. 

I would like to figure out how to see the time spent on the quiz. The LMS can give the data of total time spent on the quiz, but I only want to track the questions part and not the intro page and results page as some may spend more time reading time on there, so I don't want to track that - only the question slides.

Is there a way to track those question slides only? And how to give the score and that time spent both output to the LMS?

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Anja,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can use Storyline 360's built-in Elapsed Time variables to track the time that your learners spend on a slide and store these values into a variable: 

If you choose to store the time value to a custom variable, you can use any of the two options listed in this article to pass the value to your LMS: 

Hope this helps point you in the right direction!