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I am trying to create a hyperlink to a document that I have in my resources.  I have seen other discussions on this but mine is not working for some reason.

I just get an error message (attached).  I have uploaded to a new file just to make sure that there is no corruption, but it still doesn't work.

I have attached the Story to see if I have missed something obvious, but would appreciate anyone's urgent help on this as I need to complete the project by Monday.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Steven,

I notice that the URL shown in the Resource_issue.jpg image isn't what it should be for an attached file in a published course. When you link to a file and publish the project, a copy of the file is stored in the external_files folder, which is in the story_content folder. 

Storyline is (to put it politely) quirky when it comes to attached files. From what I've seen, it uses an exact path to an attached file, rather than a relative one. In other words, if you move files at all, the program can't find the file when you publish the project. 

So try this: delete the hyperlink and then put it back in. And be sure to use the Load File button to locate the current copy of the file. 

FYI: I edited a copy of your file on my hard drive, attached a local PDF, and published the project. The attached file opened and was exactly where expected: in an external_files folder.

 I hope this helps you get your project done on time. Good luck!

Judy Nollet

Hi again, Steve,

I work in Storyline 3. I'm guessing you're using SL360, which probably accounts for the difference between "Jump to URL/file" vs. "Open URL/file."

There is a difference between how SL3 and SL360 handle external files. As per this article, SL360 puts files directly in the story_content folder (not in an external_files folder):


Since you're not seeing the file in that folder, here's one more thing to try: Copy and paste the file into the story_content folder after you publish the course.  Be sure to use the same file name as when you loaded the file.

Other than that, I'm no help at this point. I suggest you contact the support staff by submitting a case. Do that here: 


Steven Haigh

Hi, I am trying to do this again on another course and it is not working again.  I am clearly doing something wrong.  

I have added the pdf to resources and have added the trigger 'story_content/external_files/****_Checklist_19Feb2021.pdf'  When i publish and go into it I just get the attached error massage.

And if I look in the Story Content, the external file is not there.  Do I have to add the file manually?  If not, what else could be going wrong?