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Steve Hazelton

Click on File, Import, Powerpoint and select your slides.

One suggestion - scrub as much animation, transitions, etc from the PPT slides first. It's sometimes easier to add that stuff back in than to mess with it later. If I am using PPT slides from a SME, I tell them to just use a plain vanilla template and nothing "cute". I just want to get the content across as cleanly as possible - then I add in what they want.

Text formats will sometimes come in a little off, so don't be surprised if you have to adjust point size etc. You can probably get around that by setting the Slide Master settings beforehand but I have always found it easier to just bring it in and tweak afterward.

Also, some text boxes will import as an image instead of the text boxes if Storyline can't easily recognize the content as text. All the more reason to keep the original slides as funky-free as possible.

And yes - this site is great! There are some really creative folks who love to problem-solve, so don't be afraid to ask away.