Inactivity Timeout

We have a new course requirement (for compliance courses) and its that the user is logged out after 6 minutes of inactivity. The LMS we are using will not accommodate this and we also need to have this on certain courses and not on others. There have been some older posts that talk about java being part of the solution. Do you know how this might be able to be done or even a part of the solution?

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Brian Dennis

Adding a custom trigger that executes javascript on each slide would work. The script would look something like this code. Note, scripting support needs to be available for this code to work. The log out code is customized; for example I use"logout.html") and create the logout.html file.

setTimeout(function(){ /* your logout code */ }, 1000 * 60 * 6 /* six minutes in milliseconds */);


Hi everyone!

Unfortunately I have same problem on my e-learning courses. Because of the updating advantages, we prefer to use AICC and the LMS company that we collaborate says that if we don't use Scorm 2004, we have to write a code to solve this problem.

I wrote the code which has been shared by Brian but there's just a pop-up message. Is it also possible to add to this message and a trigger which allows the user exit the course?

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