Individual points for multiple response questions

Hi there, 

I have a quiz which contains multiple response questions. How can I award 1 point for each correct selection? 

Currently if the user selects one correct answer but not the other they are awarded no points. I have seen in a previous post that you can select 'to score by choice' but this option doesn't appear in the drop down.

I also have a drag and drop question where I would also like to award one point for each correct drop. 

Any ideas would be great!

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Ryan Cloyd

Wow, I'm kind of surprised that after 4 or so years partial credit still hasn't gotten on Articulate's radar for updates and that the solution so far seems to be to redirect users to make a request then look at old postings of other users who were redirected... Sounds like a great way to dodge a solution. If you could see the number of tabs I have open for this one: Whew!

Karl Whitburn

Not sure i understand fully Storyline and my LMS at the moment, but i have everything working, my multiple choice question has A (5pts), B (10pts), C (15pts) and D (20pts) but when i convert to SCORM 1.2 or Tin Can, i cant seem to get an easy way to view the points in my Absorb LMS reports. Am i converting to the correct format?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Karl.

Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!✨

Working with an LMS can be very specific, so we recommend first testing your course with SCORM Cloud. Check out this step-by-step article!

If your course works as expected in SCORM Cloud, then I would advise you to reach out to Absorb for more information on reporting/tracking from their end. 

If you still see the same behavior in SCORM Cloud, my recommendation would be to open a support case here, so we can take a closer look at your settings.

Let me know if this works!

Karl Whitburn


Thanks for this, it appears it is the LMS system we are using, I can get what I want in Storyline 360 but it falls over in AbsorbLMS.

Thanks for your help...

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Michael Ballauff

Hi Dave,

thanks a lot for your helpful workaround to count single answers in multiple response questions.

Does this also work in a question bank where for example 5 questions out of 10 are chosen? As far as I understand you'll have to make sure that the hidden slide follows directly after the corresponding question slide. But in a question bank the chosen slides have no given order. And it can happen that the respective question slide is the last one pulled out of the bank and the hidden file wouldn't follow after that.

Do you have a proposal to make this work?

Cheers and thanks in advance, Michael