Issues with resume on restart

May 09, 2023


I have some issues with my E-learning made in Storyline, when published to LMS (SCORM 1,2). Many users experiences, that they cannot resume where they left off if they pause midway through the course and want to resume a day or two after. The course just starts over.

I have enabled the promote to resume on restart in the player and also chosen resume saved state for when revisiting, on all individual slides. We are using Compliancewire for LMS. 

What can be the issue here? 


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

the length depends on

  • the number of slides
  • the number of project variables (used and possibly unused)
  • if you use slide property "Resume saved state" / "Automatic decide"

and probably still from

  • the number of changed build-in variables
  • ...

@articulate: it would be nice if you could provide a documentation for the resume string - then it would be possible to analyze the .story file and determine the expected length of the resume string in advance

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

here you can see the "resume" string

with javascript (or direct in the browser console)



(this is on the second ot third page of a course - no project variables -> 225 characters)