Japanese language input in multiple choice question

Hi, I've come across an issue in a SCORM we have translated to Japanese.


When we use Japanese language text as the selection text within multiple choice questions, the SCORM appears to write underscores to the LMS in place of the text.  So a long piece of text will result in a longer _______________ and shorter text a shorter ___.

I am not sure if this is the LMS (Moodle) mishandling the write request or the SCORM mishandling the write, but the issue does not extend to Free-text enry fields, so if you copy/paste japanese text into a free text field, it is written to the LMS as it is entered.

We've tried various fonts and font sizes, including Arial, in the multiple-choice options and the issue remains.


We've talked about working around the problem by writing our own form, using a hidden free text field for the write to the LMS and logic for the different buttons to get the desired feedback, but I'd rather work out the current issue and keep the templates that come with Storyline.


Any suggestions?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Michelle!

The first step we need to take is troubleshooting your LMS. This will nail down whether the issue is in Storyline or the LMS. 

This article walks you through uploading your course to SCORM cloud, which is a free industry-standard testing engine. After launching and taking the course, you'll see the student's response report. 

Please keep me updated if the Japanese text is still missing in the multiple-choice responses.

Michelle Walquist

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your help.  I've tested one of them on SCORM cloud and it looks like the Japanese language answers to the multiple choice and multiple select questions are not being written correctly.

For the free text question I see the Japanese characters in the test data, but for the others I just see a 'z' for each response, and for the case of the multiple select I see 'z,z,z,z,z'.

Is there any setting somewhere in Storyline that I need to change to support the full set of unicode characters in answers?

They do render correctly in the video, it is just in the answers written to the LMS (or to SCORM cloud in the case of my test) that I don't see the correct data.

Lauren Connelly

Thank you Michelle for sharing your findings!

My team has logged this as a software bug where select languages are displayed as "_______" in an LMS. I'm adding your comments to the report as we are still tracking the impact.

Lastly, are you using the latest version of Storyline 360? We are currently on Update 35  (Build 3.35.21017.0).