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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

max image size (jpg, png, ...) in storyline is 2048x2048 pixel

so your image is resized while import from

  • 1920x8729 Pixel


  • 450x2048 Pixel

result is blurry

as an alternative you can embed PNG in SVG

(Adobe Illustrator)

example with screenshot 1380x13782 Pixel


slide 1: png in scrolling panel (-> blurry)

slide 2: svg (with embeded png) in scrolling panel (-> sharp)


Nicholas Van Den Berg

There's a redirect from the article I wrote detailing my solution (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/solved-avoiding-image-quality-degradation-in-images-larger-than-2048px#reply-880395) to this solution.

Are there applications other than Adobe Illustrator that can embed *.PNG files within *.SVGs? The department I work for is counting pennies, and a few weeks ago, I made a strenuous argument that we didn't need the Adobe CS.

Jaclyn Langenwalter

Honestly, I'd be back-peddling on that argument. Adobe CS is really a lifeline in this work and I can't imagine having to find workarounds. Perhaps a case can be made for the amount of time it takes to research and implement new procedures in lieu of access to Adobe CS. I've had Chatgpt write business needs for me and I highly recommend it!