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Sep 21, 2012

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone can shed some light onto this dilemma I am having.

I am looking to create a layer that is always on top (of everything). I've looked at the settings but am unable to locate anything currently.

Is this possible? For example a logo that could be on top of all screens including feedback screens for quizes etc? I don't want to include the menu or standard logo position so was hoping there was a way around this.

Bearing in mind the course might be 50 screens long, so any reduction in actions would be best.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Nancy Woinoski

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by always on top but that usually does not stop me from venturing an answer anyway.

If you just want the logo to display on every slide, put it on the slide masters you are using for the project - ( you can access slide masters from the View tab on the main Storyline tool bar).  Notice that there are two types of slide masters - one for the content slides and one for the quiz feedback slides so you would have to add th logo to both these sets of slide masters..  

Nancy Woinoski

One other thing, if you really want to item to sit on top of the content, you can add a layer to your slide master and place the logo or whatever on the layer. Then on the slide master page (not the layer ) add a trigger that says show layer when the timeline starts.

Any object that you have on the layer will appear on top of the content on your slides.

Alan Bourne

Your second answer sounds like the solution I tried, I was kind of hoping it wasn't this as I would need to trigger it on all screens / pop-ups.

What I am trying to do is a little more complex than just a logo on screen, there will be buttons and graphics but is the same principle.

Thanks for your advice.



Patrick Sloan

Pssst, Every HTML5 authoring tool (including another elearning tool called L.I.)  has an object-level option "always show on top".  This technically changes the z-index of the object to always have the highest value.   This is a pretty basic feature of visual editing across platforms going all the way back and it should be included.  Submitted long ago as a feature request.

Ross Murray

Hi, I have the same issue as Mohamed. We have a custom navigation layer, which can be triggered by a button the slide. The slide with issue contains a slideshow of images (each image on its own layer, which changes to the next image layer when the timeline ends). The problem is when the user opens the menu it disappears after a few seconds when the trigger for the slideshow moves to the next image, this layer is shown on top of the menu. Agree there needs to be more support for z-index/ always on top functionality.

My only solution to get the slideshow effect at the moment is to put all the images on the base layer, in one object with states. Then, use triggers to change the state of the image when the timeline reaches a cuepoint. Not ideal as we can't add transitions this way, and I don't know of anyway to get the slideshow to loop back to the start when it reaches the last cue point this way, which is the effect we were able to achieve when using layers.

Would really appreciate a better solution for 'Always on top'.



Irina Poloubessov

Yes please implement this feature - so that layer can be shown on top even if other layers are called (and they will be opened "behind" the top layer, even without a master slide. Just to be able to create a set of layers, so that one of them will always be the top layer if shown (and the res do not hide it when called)