Learner able to skip slide only once media completes

Jan 14, 2022


I currently have a slide in my project in which the learner must watch a video in order for the slide to move on. It's currently set with a 'jump to next slide' when video completes trigger, which all works fine.

However, once a learner has watched the video and moved to the next slide, i'd like the option for the learner to return to that slide, and even skip to the slides before - and upon their return to the video slide they can skip without watching in full again.

I've been trying to do this with a true/false variable but no luck so far - any suggestions please?


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Matt,

A T/F variable is the way to go:

  • Add trigger to disable NEXT when the timeline starts with the condition that the variable = False. 
  • Add a trigger to adjust the variable to True when the video completes. 

FYI: Here's more info and a demo file about controlling the NEXT button: