Lightbox slide issue with triggers

Jul 20, 2022


I am experiencing a problem when I include opening a lightbox slide along with other triggers when I press a button. The triggers should change the state of a few objects, then opens the lightbox slide. The idea is for the person to look at a flowchart in order to select a choice. All triggers work fine (they are simple change object states), but it stops working once I add the lightbox slide trigger.

At first I thought that changing the order of the triggers could help, so I moved the lightbox slide trigger to be the last trigger for that object, but it still doesn't work. When it's included, it opens the lightbox slide, but it doesn't process any of the other triggers.

Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions, ideas? I have seen that there are a few posts related to lightbox slides after a SL update, but I haven't found any related to this specific issue.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I attached the slides in question if anyone is interested.

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