Likert Scale and Overall Results

Mar 05, 2014

Hi I am working on a Likert Survery with about 20 questions (never 1 - always 5 scale).  Its a self-assessment that I want to be able to have the learner see their overall results.  How would I do that in Storyline?  I haven't been able to figure it out and the Print Results doesn't work for me.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Mike,
Can Likert in SL be used by any/most/few LMSs to create and submit user course Feedback?

I seem to remember that actually getting the responses back OUT of a Likert submission to LMS from SL caused some issues in the past.

I have a client who would like to do this, and at the moment we are using LMS and Survey Monkey functionality.

Mike Taylor

Hi Bruce! My experience with getting info out of an LMS sounds similar to yours. I would build things differently depending on what I'm doing with the reponses. i.e if I want to just use them to communicate with the learners, etc inside the course vs record and report on them for all learners.  Also like you I arrived in a similar place of using an online survey tool for those times when I want to aggregate and do calculations on the responses. The simplicity of just grabbing all the responses in an easy to work with spreadsheet is such a big time saver on the back end. Plus it makes it super easy to share with your stakeholder, etc.

Dawn Ramerth


I tried doing this and for some reason when I create the button it will only let me click one button for the whole screen even though I have 5 questions that I want people to take.  What am I doing wrong here?

I copied the slide I am having issues with onto your example.  

Mike Taylor

The buttons for each question should be in a unique button set. For example, for question one, your 1st set of five buttons would be in "Button Set 1", then the five buttons for question two would be in "Button Set 2", etc etc.  You can name your button sets anything you want. - just so you know which set goes with each question. 

Dawn Ramerth

Thank you Mike!  That was very helpful.  The only other thing I am struggling with (since this is the first time I have done this) is add a results slide at the end.  I'm not even sure how to set one up for this.  Since this is a self assessment for learners,So for each question I want the results to look like this:

"Developmental Area" if mean score is 2, 3 or 4

"Neutral" if the mean score is 5, 6 or 7

"Strength" if mean score is 8, 9 or 10

With the radial buttons scoring like this:

never = 1 pt

rarely = 2 pts

sometimes = 3 pts

often = 4 pts 

always = 5 points

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dawn,

I held off on responding here in case Mike had a reply for you (hi, Mike!).

I created a screencast tutorial a while back that I think may accomplish what you're attempting to achieve, but it doesn't use Storyline's Likert Survey, since there's apparently, at least currently, no way to pull out those results for the Learner to least if I'm understanding correctly and that's what you're trying to do.

Apologies if I misunderstood.

Maia Wintrob

Hi Rebecca,

I know your screencast was posted a while back but it definitely helped me with what I am trying to do! I am wondering - is it possible to do "pick many" in the freeform instead of pick one. I have 20 questions that employees will need to get through and I don't think one question a slide will do. Is it possible to post a series of five questions on a slide and have storyline count the total as they answer? I tried to select pick many but there isn't an option for Score by choice. It only allows me to score by question. How would I go about creating that??


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maia,

I'm so glad that Rebecca's post was able to get you headed in the right direction.

I know that she doesn't make it back to the forums often due to retirement, but we'd love to help you out.

Scoring by choice lets you assign a different score to each answer choice, but it's only available for Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot questions.

If you'd like to share a sample slide in a .story file of what you are looking to create, I'm sure someone could help you get started with your design.

natasha salvo

I'm having the same issue. I want a likert scale with multiple questions per page and a results page that scores each selection. I've tried it using Rebecca's template, which is great except it requires a single question per page. I tried creating button sets, but with Freeform > Pick One, you only get to pick one on the page, not multiple, and with Freeform > Pick Many, it doesn't let you score. Can anyone help with this? 

Katie Riggio

Hello there, Lisa!

Just in case Cindy is no longer subscribed to this conversation, I'm happy to point you to the right path. Also, feel free to use the Contact Me button on Cindy's profile page!

I've gathered a few discussions on the multiple questions on one slide topic:

Then, you'll need a results slide that tracks the survey slides to report those results to an LMS. Publish to LMS, and Storyline will send the question data to the LMS.

Keep us posted on your progress, and I'm certain someone who designed something like this will jump right in!

Nichole Deck

Hi!  I know this thread is a couple years old but hoping someone can answer my question.  We have several courses that have graded questions and results that need to be tracked by the LMS.  We also want to have an evaluation at the end using a Likert scale where the info can be tracked by the LMS as well. Can Storyline report more than 1 result into the LMS if we add in the Likert scale with a result slide?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Nichole.

Thank you for reaching out!

You can have multiple results (for example, one for the graded quiz and one for the survey) that will be combined into a final one. That final one is the one you should track in your LMS.

Take a look at this discussion below for additional information:

I hope this helps!

Emily Watson

Hi! Not sure if I am missing something that will help me solve my issue here, so I apologize if that's true, but, I am trying to use the Likert scale so that I have multiple statements with a "Never to Always".  The assessment is sectioned into 4 parts with 10 questions each and I need to have a slide that gathers that info.  I was able to do it successfully while using multiple choice, however, asking the learner to click through 40 slides isn't ideal.  Any help is greatly appreciated!