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Kelly Goscinski

Thanks for your help.  I will make sure to submit the request.  I did find a work around that suits my purpose. With this module, there are specific responses that should be entered into the text entry fields and a check button that is set up to show a correct response or incorrect response depending on what is entered.  I set the slides up to clear any text entry fields on a slide when an incorrect response was entered.  That helped to alleviate the problem.  This way a learner doesn't by chance have a hidden character that is throwing everything off.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Chandra.  I promise we're listening!  We work hard to prioritize feature requests based on a few different factors.  Here's some more information about how we handle those.

Whenever you have a feature you'd like to see, or a challenge that we can help alleviate, feel free to let our team know here!