List of Character Poses

Mar 25, 2013

Hi! I'm hoping the community can point me in the direction of a resource... I recall a while back that someone posted a pdf document that listed all of the storyline character poses. This will help a lot when I'm meeting with my SME and developing storyboards. 

Can anyone point me to this list? 

Thank you!

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Dan

I've looked around, but I haven't been able to find one for the photographic characters. I'm also asking around to see if anyone knows of something similar. Right now, it doesn't look like there's one available. This is something I'd like to see as well, so it might be something to add to my "to do" list

If I'm able to find anything, or if I make a sheet for these characters, I'll be sure to let you know.

I hope you have a great day!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dan,

Not sure if you're still interested in a PDF of the photographic characters, but Roman created and shared one in the thread below:

Chart with Photographic Characters

Really like this :) If it helps, be sure to stop by and thank Roman for sharing the PDF if you get a chance.

Hope you're doing well!


Jeffrey W. Har
Jennifer Peters

I'm trying to market this as a resource for my company to use when creating presentations. Approximately how many poses are there to choose from? 

Hi Jennifer,

If you click on each character on the character screen you can see how many poses there are and view all of them.

The photographic characters have about 150+.

The illustrated characters have 1,200 pose combinations.