Loading MathType into Articulate Storyline?


We work a lot with statistics content where mathematical expressions are common to be implemented with Articulate products. We are using MathType and I was wondering if there is a way to load the MathType font set directly into Storyline? 

With regards to this www.dessci.com/en/support/MathType/works_with.asp#!target=articulate_storyline (SDK here: www.dessci.com/en/reference/sdk/): I am aware of how to insert MathType formulas and equations as images but would there be also a way to copy+paste directly from one program into the other (or even better: have MathType as add-on as it is with .ppt)?

Thank you for advice,


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Larry Huff

I would love to see Storyline use MathType as an add-on or create an in house math pallet at well.  I am currently creating practice college entrance exam test and anytime I want to use square roots or fractions I have to create the question in another program, LaTex Beamer, then take a screenshot of the problem.  Next I create a free form hotspot problem with the picture.  The problem is that it is not very intuitive on the users end like the bubbles in the multiple choice equations.  Anybody want to suggest a better way to go about this?  I am relatively new to Storyline.  Thanx.

Sherry Amaya

Hello!  I would absolutely LOVE IT if Storyline provided some sort of Latex/Equation Editor integration.  I love Storyline, but I am interested in using it for high school/university-level mathematics education, so until it develops this integration, I will have to consider other options for course creation.