Manage Unity 3D variables in StoryLine and vice versa

Mar 26, 2018

I'm producing an edugame in Unity 3D and SL. The user plays and walks in a Unity 3D map and when he/she clicks to an object in Unity, user will see the explanations/lessons in Storyline slides. The "play" part will be in Unity, and the educational part will be in SL.

I embed my Unity project into a slide as a web object. I need to connect the Unity project's variables into Storyline's variables. I use only some t/f booleans. If the player clicks to an object in Unity make "isClicked" > True... And in SL if "isClicked" true> Jump to Slide X...

I can connect SL with Construct2 via Javascript, but in Unity i couldn't succeed in... Any ideas please?

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