Matching Drag and Drop Question: Reset Choice and Match Options

Jan 27, 2021

Hello, gurus,

I have a Matching Drag and Drop question configured to reset the 'Choice' and 'Match' options to their original state when the user tries again (attempts set to 2). It's working fine per the 2 triggers I configured on my 'Try Again' layer:

  1. Add 1.00 to my number-based variable when timeline starts (initial variable state set to zero, trigger is at the top of the trigger stack).
  2. Jump to slide pointing to this same question slide.

As I said, it's all working fine:

  • If correct on first attempt, 'Correct' layer appears. Can advance to next slide.
  • If incorrect on first attempt ('Try Again' layer appears), and correct on second attempt, 'Correct' layer appears. Can advance to next slide.
  • If incorrect after 2 attempts, 'Incorrect' layer appears. Can advance to next slide.

The issue I'm experiencing centers on the second attempt. The 'Choice' and 'Match' options do indeed reset (the interlocking boxes separate awaiting the learner to drag-and-drop again for their second attempt) BUT when I again drag-and-drop, other 'Match' options jump/move and become obscured by the 'Match' option I just dragged-and-dropped. It's a bit difficult to convey the issue without showing you so I attached a short video of the issue.

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and if so, is there a fix?

I'm using Storyline 360 v3.47.23871.0 running on Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 Build 19041.746.

Thanks in advance, gang. Always appreciate the feedback. :-)


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Thomas!

Thank you for sharing a file and screen recording with us! I'm noticing the same thing on my end. I did find that if you change the Jump to Slide trigger for the Try Again 1 button to Hide Layer, then the glitch stops.

I'd like our Support Engineers to take a look at the snag, so I've started a case on your behalf. Our team will reach out to you shortly!

Thomas Croteau

Thanks, Lauren. I received a note from Support so I know they're on the case. :-)

Yeah, if I Hide Layer, the options do not reset (they remain interlocked) which I know is the expected behavior. I've read about the workaround regarding jumping to a blank slide or layer but I could not understand that logic. At any rate...

Thanks again, Lauren. This forum is the best I've ever experienced so please keep up the good work. And please call me Tom. :-)